100 happy days

Hello friendlies! I recently came upon a really cool challenge! It's called 100 Happy Days and it is super simple so I would love it if y'all could join me! I learned about it on one of my favorite blogs. Basically you just post one picture everyday on your favorite social media site of something that makes you happy, with the hashtag #100HAPPYDAYS. Now I bet you're thinking "Oh, that's nice but I just don't have the time." That's the point! The purpose of this challenge is to be more aware of the happy moments that we often miss in our "busy" lives.
So please join me in 100 days of happy! You can register here.
with love,


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    1. Thank You Hannah!!! You are my first commenter ever! (Busts out the victory dance) And by the way I absolutely LOVE your blog- so darling.