No wait. Cross out that first line. To do all of that I first have to let go of all of it. I need to refocus the lens on my life and recognize that knocking down my idols is the only way to have a God-filled life. And having a God-filled life is the only way to have a joy-filled life.

A soul is heavy thing to hold. Our emotions and needs are complex. And each time we expect the things of this world to sustain us, they will fall through. God is the only one who can sustain me.

That is not to say that I can't or shouldn't enjoy all of the wonderful things listed. It just means that I cannot worship them or lean on them. A relationship, a loving bond, with my creator is the only way I can access an impossible and everlasting joy.

God did not create me to play games with He created us out of an abundance of love. He had so much love that he wanted to share it. And through the same magnificent love He created this beautiful Earth for you and me to live in. But He never intended for me to be so blinded and distracted by the Earth's wonders and beauty that I forget Him, who made it all.

He made all these wonders to point back to him- not because he is egotistical, but simply because he knows that since he created us he is the only thing that can save us from our sin.

And Don't get me wrong! I fully intend to do all of the things on this list. And God wants for us to enjoy this beautiful world He planned and designed so carefully. But one the thing I don't desire is a life I have control of. I want my God at the reigns directing me to the best life for me. Because, although it is hard to believe, the best life, better than I can fathom, is one lived through faith for God. Only then will I feel truly alive.

with love,

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