I don't know about y'all, but I always have a song stuck in my head! Lately I've been loving the song "Classic" by MKTO. Usually I absolutely hate having things stuck in my head, but I really loving singing this song over and over! It has such a great message-
One of my favorite lines of the song is "One of a kind, in a world gone plastic, Baby you're so classic". I love these lyrics because they are kind of a breath of fresh air in today's "world gone plastic". Being a blogger I greatly rely on media to share my blog with the world, however, I 'm disappointed with how it is so often a bad influence. For example Instagram. I love to share little bits of my life with my followers, but sometimes I wonder if I am deceiving people by only posting the pretty things. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the appearance of things and not their quality. Another line from the song says "Ooh girl you're shining, Like a 5th avenue diamond, And they don't make you like they used to, You're never going out of style". These lyrics are a really great reminder to be classic, don't surrender to the temptations of this fake world, because although it make look pretty it is probably not real.

with love,

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